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Ohio Lawmakers Miss a Deadline in HB6 Repeal Attempt

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Dan Konik
Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio House and Ohio Senate missed a notable date in the attempt to repeal House Bill 6, the sweeping energy bill at the heart of a corruption case. Now opponents of the law say it will be even harder to avoid new charges on everyone's electric bills from taking place.

Because it takes 90 days for a bill to go into effect, lawmakers needed to pass a repeal of HB6 by October 1 if they wanted to stop new subsidies created to bailout nuclear power plants and subsidize coal and solar.

Federal prosecutors say the bill was supported through a racketeering scheme.

Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) says the bill must repealed in order to restore public trust.

"Because HB6 was created through the largest bribery scandal in the state of Ohio, we need to send a message loud and clear that these people will not get their ill-gotten gains," says Leland.

Those news charges can still be avoided, but would need to pass with a 2/3 majority in order to attach an emergency clause.

Supporters say the bill is still good policy despite the alleged process.
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