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Sen. Sherrod Brown Says New Stimulus Bill Could Benefit College Students

A photo of Sherrod Brown at the Press Club
The two proposed stimulus bills before Congress might benefit more college students this time around, according to Sen. Sherrod Brown.

A new stimulus bill in the Senate may benefit a group that missed out on stimulus checks in March. 
College students did not necessarily benefit from the CARES Act. A high number of students are still claimed as dependents and were therefore unable to qualify for the checks. Others qualified but were still claimed anyway and did not receive payment.
Sen. Sherrod Brown said the new HEALS Act should fix this problem. 
“There’s the [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi proposal, there’s the [Sen. Mitch] McConnell proposal on the $1,200. Pelosi’s is a bit more generous. Both attempt to close some of those loopholes where young people were too often left out,” Brown said.

However, Brown is still critical of the plan backed by Senate Republicans, which would cut federal unemployment benefits from $600 to $200. He said this money is not only necessary for family’s to make ends meet, but it also contributes it to stimulating the economy and stopping a deeper recession.