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Brown Supports Biden, Says Sanders Will Too

A photo of Joe Biden.
In person campaign visits are on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. While Sherrod Brown admits things are different, he does not think it will hurt Joe Biden's bid to become president.

With Bernie Sanders out of the race, Joe Biden is assured of being the Democratic presidential nominee. This week, Biden won the endorsement of Senator Sherrod Brown.

Brown says Biden will fight for workers and address the things Bernie Sanders wanted to—like student debt and climate change. He says  Sanders supporters should find it easy to back Biden.

"There may be some slight differences between Vice President Biden and Senator Sanders, but the differences more than anything are in style. They’re not substance," Brown said.

Brown admits the pandemic is affecting the race, with Biden at home in Delaware. 

"There will be fewer rallies and fewer of the traditional kind of campaign events. I don’t think that matters," he said.

The Democratic convention has been postponed and Brown says it may end up being canceled.

Sanders also championed universal healthcare. His proposal may be shelved, but Brown says the idea of providing universal coverage remains. 

He says Biden supports goals similar to Sanders that can be achieved with options.

“Insuring more people all the time, protecting the Affordable Care Act, allowing people at 55 to buy into Medicare if they so choose, allowing a public option to compete directly with the for-profit private insurance companies.” 

Brown says he’s talked with Sanders who he says will campaign with and for Joe Biden.