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Two Medical Conditions Being Reconsidered for Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program

photo of marijuana plants
A state Medical Marijuana Control Board committee is again considering three medical conditions for which marijuana could be recommended to patients.

Two of the medical conditions rejected for inclusion in Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program last year are getting another chance this year.  

An Ohio State Medical Board committee will, once again, consider anxiety and autism spectrum disorder as conditions for which marijuana could be recommended to patients. The committee will consider new information provided on those and also cachexia, a wasting disease that causes patients to lose weight.

Board spokeswoman Tessie Pollack says it’s now up to experts to provide their input.

“We are also going to gather public comment on these conditions being considered. And then, moving forward, the committee will reconvene and discuss the information that was gathered,” she said. 

Tessie Pollack on the medical conditions

The three medical conditions were chosen from a list of 27 that were submitted for consideration. One condition on the list was “being a Bengals or Browns fan.”