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Medina Group Pushing for Vote on Non-Discrimination Law

photo of group together speaking
Members of the Ohio Christian Alliance say signatures on their petition were wrongly invalidated.

A group of citizens is taking a complaint against the Medina County Board of Elections to the Ohio Supreme Court. Local officials invalidated signatures for a ballot initiative, but the group says those signatures were legitimate. 

Last July, Medina City Council passed a pro-LGBTQ ordinance that adds sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. A group that wanted voters to overturn it says about 50 signatures were wrongfully invalidated for not matching those on record.

Chris Long with the Ohio Christian Alliance says they have proof those signees wanted their name on the petition, and they're asking the Ohio Supreme Court to validate those signatures. 

"It is clear that the rights of these voters is being denied. The 47 voters whose signatures were wrongfully invalidated as well as the other signers of the referendum petition were denied their right to the ballot," Long said.

The Medina County Board of Elections did not respond to a request for comment.