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Sherrod Brown Urges Fellow Senators to Hold Judgments for Trial

A photo of Sherrod Brown.
Sen. Brown said he is worried about the integrity of the trial without witnesses present.

As the Senate waits to receive the articles of impeachment approved by the House Wednesday night, Sherrod Brown is urging other senators to avoid judgment before the trial.

Brown said he hopes to see more cooperation from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He said they need to hear from witnesses, which the administration has, so far, blocked.

“If the president’s innocent, they should come in and tell us and we’ll all vote not guilty. I don’t know. I mean I can guess. But, I don’t know why the president won’t let them come in. And Mitch McConnell has clearly just been a shill for the president. He’s doing whatever the president directs him. So, he has said no witnesses. I’m hopeful we can have witnesses. We’re gonna try.”

Brown said he fears McConnell will rush through the trial. McConnell has already said he will not vote to remove Trump from office.