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Auditor Unveils System to Rate Government Transparency

a photo of Ohio auditor Keith Faber
Auditor Keith Faber (R-Ohio) unveils new rating system on local government compliance with Ohio's Sunshine Laws.

The official elected as the state’s accountability watchdog is creating a new program to encourage better open records policies among local governments.

Auditor Keith Faber is announcing a new rating system that evaluates how each local government complies with Ohio's public records laws, known as Sunshine Laws.

The four-star rating program known as StaRS offers one star if the government is meeting the bare minimum on Sunshine Law requirements and offers a star for each additional best practice implemented.

"I think what it's really going to do is encourage people to be more attentive to this issue because   someone's actually taking a look at it," Faber said. 

Faber says the government scorecards will be able to be accessed through a searchable online database. Ratings will be entered into the system starting next year.