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Lawmakers Consider Easing Occupational Licensing Requirements

a photo of State Senator Kristina Roegner of Hudson
Sen. Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) talks about occupational license reciprocity in the Ohio Statehouse.

Finding a job can be a major factor for someone looking to move to a new state. In Ohio, lawmakers believe recognizing occupational licenses from other states could make Ohio seem more appealing. 

There are hundreds of professions in Ohio that require a license. Critics in the Statehouse say these can sometimes become a governmental permission slip.

State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) says professionals already had to go through the training to get those licenses in other states.

"We recognize that you will not forget how to do your job, you're not going to lose those skills as soon as you cross over the state line,” said Roegner. “So we wanna welcome them with open arms."

She’s proposed a bill to create occupational license reciprocity, and there’s a similar one in the House.

While there's been a trend in the Statehouse to roll back some licenses, supporters of certain licenses have argued that the requirements help ensure health and safety.

"This would help spur economic growth in the state of Ohio," said Roegner.  "'Cause we'd be welcoming workers that otherwise might not be able to move here."