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Portman Says He'll Keep an Open Mind During Impeachment Hearings

a photo of Portman and Trump
Portman said he has yet to see incriminating evidence that warrants removal from office, but is keeping an open mind during the public inquiry hearings.

The House begins public impeachment inquiry hearings Wednesday. It’s the latest step in a possible move towards impeachment of President Trump by the House. Meanwhile, many in the Republican-controlled Senate, including Rob Portman (R-OH), are waiting to see what new information comes out.

“As I’ve said consistently, based on what I’ve seen thus far, I haven’t seen anything that rises to the level of being impeachable. Meaning that you would reverse the results of the election when we’re right up on another election. But I’ve also said, based on what I’ve seen thus far, and I am listening. I’m a juror.”

Portman said he will be watching and reading over transcripts from the hearings with an open mind. He said the Senate should also go through a process of listening before moving to any vote.