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Ohio Bill Would Cap Out of Pocket Cost for Insulin

A new bill in the Ohio Legislature would cap the out-of-pocket amount diabetics pay for their insulin. Legislators heard from a woman who lost a child because she couldn't afford the drug.

As a diabetic child, Antroinette Worsham’s daughter got her insulin through a state program for children with medical handicaps but when she turned 21, she was no longer eligible. She couldn’t afford it. She rationed it and within a year, she died. Now Worsham’s younger daughter, who is also a diabetic, is close to aging out of the program.

“The thought of losing another daughter, another daughter, due to the cost of insulin is terrifying,” Worsham said. 

The bill under consideration would limit out of pocket costs for insulin to $100 for one month’s supply. Backers of the bill say the cost for the plan will be outweighed by the savings from covering more serious illnesses due to insulin rationing.