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Brown Warns of Impact if Affordable Care Act Is Struck Down

 A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation says 2 million Ohioans are at risk of losing their health insurance if the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act succeeds. People with pre-existing conditions are particularly vulnerable.

But Senator Sherrod Brown says that’s not all.  


"If the court decides to take away the entire healthcare law, tax credits to help you afford health insurance, gone. The ability to stay on your parents insurance until you’re age 26, gone. Limits on how much you pay out of pocket each year, gone. More affordable prescription drugs for seniors by closing the donut loop hole, gone," Brown said. 

Brown says that the Trump administration has not suggested a plan to replace the affordable care act. He says without the ACA, there would be a 65% increase in uninsured Americans and 5.5 million young adults would lose the option of staying on their parent’s healthcare plans.