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Governor DeWine to Reveal Specifics of Gun Legislation Plan

photo of Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine will release details of his proposals to address gun violence on Monday.

Gov. Mike DeWine plans to reveal on Monday the specifics of his proposal for two major pieces of gun reform: expanded background checks and red-flag gun confiscation. These issues have been at the center of heated debate in the aftermath of the Dayton mass shooting. 

Gun rights groups and Republican lawmakers have been apprehensive to take a stand on DeWine's gun regulations because they haven't seen the specifics.

"The devil's in the details" has been a common phrase used in the eight weeks since DeWine unveiled his preliminary plans.

DeWine said during his early August press conference after the mass shooting in Dayton, that there was no "magic solution" to reducing gun violence.

"But I can tell you this, if we do these things, it will matter. If we do these things it will make us safer."

The House and Senate have not passed significant gun regulation in decades.