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Voting Rights Groups Plan Outreach to Deleted Voters

Frank LaRose at a high school
Frank LaRose holds voting demonstration at Westland High School

The state is still counting up how many of 235,000 voter registrations identified as inactive were removed by county boards of elections starting September 6.

The goal is to purge voters who are deceased, have moved, or have duplicate registrations. 

Frank LaRose says 14,000 of those initial 235,000 registration are now active because voters updated their addresses or responded to voting rights groups, who asked LaRose for that list to reach out to them. Those groups plans to send voter registration forms to those who were deleted.

LaRose did that after a purge of 270,000 in February, at a cost of $130,000 – and 540 forms were returned.

“I think what that shows is that really, by the time you’ve gone through all of these different processes that what remains on that list is mostly bad data, outdated information.”

LaRose said deleted voters can re-register by this year’s deadline on October 7.

Editor's note: This story has been corrected to reflect that voting rights groups, not the Secretary of State, will reach out to deleted voters.