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Proposal Offers Help for Workers Displaced by Automation

a photo of an auto factory
Brown says the bill still allows room for automation while respecting the contributions of workers.

Ohio's top Democratic officeholder is touring the state pushing for a way to soften the blow for workers who lose their job to automation.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown wants a law requiring companies to give workers 100 days advanced notice if they're going to be displaced by new technology, six months of severance pay after that, and on-the-job training for possible advancement.

Brown believes this creates a social contract that demands more respect for the workers.

"Too many of these companies, too many of these very well-paid, multi-million dollar corporate executives treat their workforce as a cost to be minimized."

Brown believes this bill could receive bipartisan support but admits it would have a tough time getting a floor vote with current Senate leadership.

He plans to visit six communities including Lima, Mansfield, and St. Clairsville.