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Ryan Wants Automakers to Help Prevent Hot Car Deaths

A photo of Congressman Tim Ryan
Rep. Tim Ryan introduced the bill in the House of Representatives in late June.

On a hot day it takes only 10 minutes for the temperature inside your car to climb to 150 degrees. In 2018 a record 52 children died from heat stroke in a vehicle. This year the National Safety Council says 18 children have died in hot cars, with an average age of just over 20 months. Congress wants to do something about that.

Youngstown area Representative Tim Ryan (D-13th district) helped introduce the HOT CARS Act. He said he wants to hold car manufacturers accountable.

“We want to make it mandatory for car companies to send some signal, whether it’s a buzzer, or a light, or some signal to the driver if they have a pet or a child in the back seat of the car.”

Ryan said the measure has bipartisan support in the house and a similar bill is on the floor in the senate. He said he’s optimistic the bill will be passed this summer.