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Republican Dispute Over House Speakership Continues

Ryan Smith
Dan Konik
Statehouse News
House Speaker Ryan Smith announces results of House Republican caucus leadership vote in which he was selected to remain speaker for 133rd General Assembly.

Ohio House Republicans have voted to keep Ryan Smith as House Speaker. But Smith’s opponents are disputing the merits of that vote. 

While the 34 Republican representatives attending the caucus meeting chose Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell), most of the 26 who weren’t there support Smith’s challenger, Larry Householder (R-Glenford).

Smith hopes this puts an end to the long speaker fight. “We’ve been waiting to get to this vote so we can figure out a winner and try to pull everyone together," Smith said. 

But Householder supporter Jim Butler (R-Oakwood), disputes the results, saying as caucus dean he’s the only one who can call a leadership vote.

A vote must be held on the House floor to make a speaker selection official.