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Portman Says Government Shutdown Unlikely

a photo of Rob Portman
Senator Rob Portman supports increased border security.

Politicians in Washington have a few more days to agree on next year’s budget before risking a government shutdown Friday.

The biggest budget concern has been President Trump’s demand for funding for the border wall. He and GOP officials want $1.6 billion to support stricter border efforts.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday, Senator Rob Portman said he is confident both sides of the aisle will reach a compromise on border security before this week’s deadline.

“My hope is we can work something out. I think we’re very close, based on the conversation I just had with [Majority Leader] Senator (Mitch) McConnell and our team at lunch, and that would be to pass all seven appropriation bills that are outstanding. It’s roughly 25 percent of government spending, but it is a lot of important departments and agencies.”

If a compromise isn’t reached by Friday, Portman says they can extend the current budget and pick up the debate after New Year’s.