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John Kasich Weighs In On Latest Vetoes

Photo of Gov. John Kasich
Gov. John Kasich discusses Ohio lawmakers' recent overrides of his vetoes.

State lawmakers have overridden a quarter of Gov. John Kasich’s 48 vetoes, and they could do more in the next two weeks. Kasich has said he’d also veto the so-called Stand Your Ground self-defense bill and the six-week abortion ban called the Heartbeat Bill that recently passed the House. 

One possible override is Kasich’s veto of the budget’s freeze on Medicaid expansion enrollment, which could kick off 400,000 recipients and switch Ohio to a partial expansion. Kasich says he’s not negotiating with lawmakers on this.

“They all understand this issue,” he said.

And Kasich doesn’t speculate on why lawmakers would send the Stand Your Ground and Heartbeat bills to him though he has promised vetoes. But he says Republicans ran for re-election this year on jobs and tax cuts.

“They didn’t run on abortion, guns, taking away people’s health care. I never heard that out of any of them. So I think it’s really important that they remember what their campaign promises were,” he said.

Lawmakers have said they want more authority on spending and public policy.