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Cordray Wants to Expand Public Transportation

photo of Richard Cordray on bus
Democratic candidate for governor Rich Cordray plans to seek a $1.8 billion infrastructure bond plan if he is elected.

Richard Cordray says Ohio needs to do a better job at supporting public transportation at all levels, from big cities to small towns. The Democratic nominee for governor said investing in public transit is part of his larger plan to improve infrastructure.

Cordray stepped onto a COTA bus in north Columbus to see how new high-tech gear helps busses run routes more efficiently.

Cordray said investing in technology to grow public transportation will help connect people to services, help the environment, and appeal to young adults.

“To recognize that we have almost a third of the state in terms of area that has no public transportation and what that means for people how that constrains their lives is something I really think it’s time we attended to,” Cordray said.

Cordray plans to bring a $1.8 billion infrastructure bond plan to voters if he’s elected.

Republican candidate Mike DeWine’s campaign said the priority needs to be maintaining and improving current infrastructure.