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2018 was a big election year in Ohio. Republicans held onto all five statewide executive offices including governor and super majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate. But there were a few bright spots for Democrats, among them the reelection of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and the election of two Democrats to the Ohio Supreme Court.With election 2018 over, the focus now shifts to governing. Stay connected with the latest on politics, policies and people making the decisions at all levels affecting your lives.

Senate Candidate Renacci to Akron Press Club: Brown's Policies Are a Step Backward

Congressman Jim Renacci wanted to give the Akron Press Club a clear message: He is not anything like his opponent, incumbent Sherrod Brown. 

Jim Renacci, candidate for the U.S. Senate
16th District Congressman Jim Renacci at the Akron Press Club luncheon

Senate candidate Renacci pointed to his support for what he sees as the forward-looking agenda of Donald Trump. He called Sherrod Brown’s support for policies of the Obama years going backward.

He also talked about his qualifications and how his experience in business gives him perspective on healthcare costs.“That’s one of the things that makes me different from Sherrod Brown and other people I’ve run against. Here’s the big issue. There needs to be transparency. There needs to be buy-in. There needs to be people who see the cost of these different programs and then make their decisions.”

Press Club members submitted a variety of questions for the four-term Congressman.

The press club audience had some tough questions, but the last one put him on the spot. Renacci, who was born in Pennsylvania was asked if he is a Steelers fan. He said he was once asked that by a firefighter in Canton who was obviously a Browns fan: “…and I said to him…’I’m a Steelers fan.’  And he said, you know what? ‘I’m going to support you anyway because I knew you were, and you didn’t lie.” 

Full-length audio of 16th District Congressman Jim Renacci's comments to the Akron Press Club, October 9th, 2018...with a Q&A session afterward hosted by WKSU News Director Andrew Meyer