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After Kavanaugh Debate, Sen. Rob Portman Suggests Both Sides Need to ‘Lower the Volume’

U.S. Senate
Sen. Rob Portman

Ohio’s senators split Friday on whether to move forward to a vote on Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the United States Supreme Court. Senator Sherrod Brown voted against proceeding. Senator Rob Portman voted in favor of ending the debate and moving to the final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In comments on the senate floor Thursday night, Portman affirmed support for Kavanaugh, and talked about the country moving forward.

“This confirmation debate could have and should have unfolded very differently. The process has become poisonous, and it’s up to us in this chamber to change it. It’s gonna take a while for the Senate and the country to heal from this ugly ordeal, but for now let me make a modest suggestion. Let’s step back from the brink. Let’s listen to each other. Let’s argue passionately but let’s lower the volume.”

The full senate will take a final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation Saturday. WKSU will provide live coverage of the vote.