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NASA Chief Likes What He Sees at Northern Ohio Research Facilities

The VF6 chamber can simulate conditions in space
At NASA Glenn this 72-ft vacuum chamber is being readied for an ion thruster propulsion test.

The new head of NASA is saying good things about the NASA Glenn Research Center in northern Ohio.

James Bridenstine
The new Administrator of NASA, James Bridenstine after touring NASA GLenn Lewis Research Center

James Bridenstine was appointed five months ago to implement President Trump’s new vision for the space agency. He’s now touring NASA facilities around the country.  While at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Brook Park he was asked about its future.   “I’ll tell you it is very bright.  NASA Glenn is advancing some of the most critical technologies for the President’s Space Policy Directive One…which is NASA’s vision of getting back to the Moon. “

NASA Glenn and its sister facility, Plum Brook research Station in Sandusky employ more than 3,500 people, and a Cleveland State University study in 2016 showed the facilities contribute $1.4-billion in economic activity to the region.