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Ohio House Passes a Bill to Create an Elementary School Teaching Model for Cursive

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Democrat Dan Ramos, arguing against the legislation, thinks that computer coding and foreign languages would be more useful for classes.

The House has overwhelmingly passed a bill to adopt a model curriculum for schools to use to teach cursive handwriting to elementary school kids.

Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos argued against the idea, saying he flunked handwriting in second grade, that his 20-something staff never uses cursive, and that he would rather see the class time used for computer coding or a foreign language – something for the future rather than of the past.

But sponsoring Republican Marilyn Slaby said there’s an important element Ramos and others learned.

“Yours may not be real readable, but you can still read somebody else’s cursive writing,” she said.

She added that cursive is also good for fine motor skills. The bill does not require schools to teach cursive, so it’s not a mandate. It passed with just a few no votes.