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Speaker says Ohio House Would Override a Veto of 'Stand Your Ground'

photo of Speaker Ryan Smith
Smith says he thinks the House will get the 60 votes to override Kasich's planned veto on the bill.

The so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill is likely to come to the floor of the House next week, just before lawmakers leave for an extended break. That might not be the end of the road for that controversial measure.

The Stand Your Ground bill came out of a House committee last month on a party line vote. New Speaker Ryan Smith leads a Republican supermajority in the House, and says, “I feel comfortable in saying that there's a lot of support for that bill.”

Fellow Republican Gov. John Kasich has said he won’t sign the bill and told lawmakers not to send it to him. Smith says he thinks he has the 60 votes for an override.

But he says he’s uncertain of the future of a bill reforming gun laws that was introduced by Republican Mike Henne and backed by Kasich, saying it’s caused “consternation" in his caucus.