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Ohio Lawmakers Want to Stop Repair Shops from Putting Unsafe Used Tires on Cars

photo of Frank LaRose
LaRose says hundreds of car crashes can be blamed on unsafe tires.

Lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would make it illegal for repair shops to install unsafe, used tires on cars. Lawmakers say this can help protect drivers in a number of ways.

Republican Sen. Frank LaRose of Hudson says hundreds of fatal car crashes can be blamed on bad tires. His bill would ban repair shops from putting unsafe tires on a vehicle. That includes tires with worn-out tread and damage.

As LaRose explains, as he stands next to a tire punctured by a nail, it’s already against the rules to be driving on these kinds of tires.

“The moment they drive it off of that seller’s lot, they’re committing a violation of state law. This tire’s illegal to drive on because it’s defined in Ohio law as an unsafe tire. So shouldn’t we require that professional installers can only install legal tires on somebody’s car,” he said.

The bill has passed out of a House committee but has yet to reach a chamber vote.