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Kasich Heads to New Hamsphire, Where Presidential Campaigns are Born

As speculation continues on whether Gov. John Kasich will run for president again in 2020, he’ll be speaking at a college in the very important presidential state of New Hampshire Tuesday. He also headlined a forum at Ohio State that featured someone else who's talked about a White House run.

Kasich has been a vocal opponent of President Trump in many appearances on national cable news shows. One of the co-founders of the news website Axios asked Kasich about the Republican Party, which Kasich said should be considering “issues that matter. His list including curing poverty, making sure people have health care, and policies that see immigration as strengthening the country. But Kasich saved some criticism for Democrats:

“Everybody wants me to talk about how bad the Republican Party is. The Democratic Party is so pathetic I can’t even figure out what they’re for," Kasich says. 

Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also spoke at the forum. Last year Cuban said he might run for president as a Republican. But at this forum he said he may run as an independent if Republicans do well in the midterm elections.

Kasich has also been vocal about gun legislation. Since February, he has suggested six Ohio gun law changes.