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Ohio Democrats Already Proposed some of the Gun Reforms now Espoused by Kasich

photo of Joe Schiavoni
Joe Schiavoni, a candidate for Ohio governor, recently unveiled a bill for gun control.

Among Republican Gov. John Kasich’s new proposals on gun laws are a ban on accelerators called "bump stocks” and a so-called “red flag” bill, which would allow law enforcement to seize guns of people deemed to be dangerous. These ideas have already been proposed by minority Democrats in the Republican dominated legislature.

Democratic Sen. Joe Schiavoni of the Youngstown area is running for governor, and he and fellow Democratic Sen. Sandra Williams of Cleveland wrote their “red flag” bill right after Kasich’s public pivot on gun regulations following the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida.

“We need to be able to figure out the people that have serious problems that have these firearms and take those guns away. That’s got to be part of this thing.”

When Kasich unveiled his proposals, he said he’s confident they can pass, but he didn’t speak out for Schiavoni’s bill. Kasich also said he’s wanted a ban on bump stocks since the Las Vegas shooting in October. But he seemed unfamiliar with a bill to do that proposed in October by Democratic Sen. Cecil Thomas of Cincinnati; GOP leadership has yet to schedule a hearing on it.