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Akron Plans to Bring Back Six Speed Cameras After Ohio Supreme Court Decision

photo of speed camera

Akron will bring back six school zone-speed cameras after an Ohio Supreme Court decision this morning. The case challenged a state law that requires police officers must be present -- and other conditions met --when the cameras are used.

The ruling, which affected about 20 Ohio cities, found those restrictions unconstitutional.

But Akron spokeswoman Ellen Lander-Nischt says she expects the legislative attacks on speed cameras will continue.

“There seems to be a distaste in the Ohio General Assembly for these speed cameras. They’ve tried various different ways to limit the city’s abilities to utilize these cameras, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try a different tactic.”

Akron created the speed camera system after a 10-year-old student died in a hit-and-run accident in 2005. The cameras will go into use at the beginning of the school year.