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Local Governments' Increased Reliance on Computer Systems Comes With Increased Risks

photo of hacker

Several Ohio government computer systems have been hacked within the last month, which cyber security expert Matthew Curtin says can be expected because of an increased reliance on technology.

The Wooster-Ashland Regional Council of Governments, which provides 911 dispatching, experienced the most recent hack, with more than 200,000 records compromised.

Curtin says government agencies need to think realistically while designing computer systems in order to avoid hackers.

There is never going to be a rational security system that is fool-proof. The fact is that we use computer systems like we use any other infrastructure because it is going to save us time and it is going to save us money. And like any other kind of investments, those returns that we get are going to come with some risks, but we just have to understand what those risks are.

Curtin says the motive behind the most recent hack will determine the potential impact.