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Despite Concerns, Sen. Sherrod Brown Stops Short of Calling for Trump's Impeachment

photo of Sherrod Brown, Connie Shultz

Ohio's Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says he is not joining those who are calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In a conference call with reporters today, he said “not many” of his colleagues are calling for impeachment. However, he did say there is concern on Capitol Hill about possible Russian ties with the president’s family, businesses and campaign.

Sen. Brown says he just wants to get to the bottom of the situation.

“I have confidence that a number of my Republican colleagues are going to show the courage to step up and be the patriots that I know they are -- and not be Republican functionaries that try to do what a number of Republicans tried to do to protect Richard Nixon.”

Brown added that he’s also concerned about the firings of U.S. attorneys and FBI Director James Comey, which he says makes it “pretty clear” that President Trump is nervous about investigations into possible Russian ties.

Bipartisan agreement on police bills
Three pieces of police-related legislation co-sponsored by Brown were passed by the Senate this week. And a fourth could be on the way.

Despite Concerns, Sen. Sherrod Brown Stops Short of Calling for Trump's Impeachment
Sen. Sherrod Brown on National Police Week

This is National Police Week, and  Brown  says the three bills passed with broad bipartisan support.

The first requires the Department of Justice to post weekly updates on the number of benefits claims by family members of fallen or disabled officers. The second prioritizes federal grant applications for police departments that want to hire veterans. And the third helps departments enhance mental health services for police officers.

Now, Brown is supporting the Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship Act.

“It would increase access to Pell Grants to the surviving children of law enforcement officers. It would ensure that all children of fallen officers were eligible for the maximum federal Pell Grant.”

Brown says the bill applies not just to the children of police officers, but also firefighters and EMS workers.