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Akron Says Its Medical Marijuana Rules Will Be Ready In Time for State Deadlines

The Stevens Laboratory, University of Sou
The molecular structure of CB1 is shown as a yellow ribbon with the bound stabilizing antagonist AM6538 as orange sticks. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is show as yellow sticks.Yekaterina Kadyshevskaya, University of Sou.

The state law passed last year allowing a medical marijuana industry in Ohio gives communities a limited ability to regulate it in their areas. To get a state permit, a company must show it can comply with zoning and other ordinances where it will operate. But, as a deadline nears for applying for the first state permits, rules for doing business in Akron aren’t set.  

Mayor Dan Horrigan introduced Akron’s licensing plan to City Council this week. His press secretary, Ellen Lander-Nischt, says passage is probably a few weeks off. 

But, she says that won’t mean would-be medical marijuana businesses will be squeezed out of time to comply with the local rules before the state’s permit application window opens in about 60 days.

“We’ve talked about having a special planning commission meeting; we’re prepared to do that. Everyone will be in line to review these applications. We’re taking into consideration those state timelines. ... And we’ll accommodate it.” 

Lander-Nischt also says that the application window coming up is only for about half of the permits that will be issued. There is no time frame yet for the others. 

Statewide, there will be 24 growing facilities, 40 processing plants, and 60 retail outlets. Lander-Nischt expects two or three stores in Akron, and fewer of the large operations.