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Poll Finds Ohio Voters Have No Buyers' Remorse

photo of Lauren Copeland
The poll was conducted by students in Prof. Lauren Copeland's "Public Interest Research" course.

A new poll finds that President Trump's performance since taking office has done little to change the minds of Ohio voters.  

Lauren Copeland is associate director of Baldwin Wallace University’s Community Research Institute, which conducted the poll in late February and early March.  Copeland and her students wanted to find out whether Ohio voters were changing their opinions about Trump after his first two months in office. The short answer: They aren’t.

“Ninety-four percent of people wouldn’t change their vote despite what’s been a tumultuous 64 or 65 days for the president," Copeland says.

Of the small number (2.4 percent) who said they definitely would have voted differently, four-out-of-five said they would have gone for Hillary Clinton. But about 8 percent said they would have voted for Trump.

Immigration remains a huge divider in Ohio, as does the wall with Mexico.  A large majority of people who voted for Trump say immigrants threaten safety.

The survey also found Ohioans are almost evenly divided in their trust of the new administration and news media.