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Former Sen. Tom Coburn Joins State Reps. Hagan and Patmon in Promoting a Constitutional Convention

photo of Tom Coburn
Tom Coburn (at podium) is a former senator and house representative from Oklahoma.

State lawmakers who want Ohio to join a group of states in calling for a constitutional convention brought in some conservative star power to make their case.

The resolution from Republican Rep. Christina Hagan of Alliance and Democratic Rep. Bill Patmon of Cleveland would add Ohio to the list of nine states that have so far joined the call for a convention. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma was outspoken about federal spending and overreach when he was in the U.S. House and Senate, and says states need to take back the enumerated powers reserved for them.

“That’s been totally stepped on. You in Ohio don’t have the power to control your future because it’s in the hands of the federal government. And it’s time to change that.”

The Ohio resolution calls for amendments restraining federal spending, curtailing the government’s authority and limiting terms for Congress and other federal officials. Thirty-four states would have to vote for a convention for one to happen.