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Democratic Ohio Senators Push for a Single-Payer Health-Care Option

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Valeri Potapova/Shutterstock
Ohio State Senators are pushing for single-payer health care.

While Republicans fight amongst themselves and with Democrats to pass a new federal health-care law, state senators are pushing their own plan in Ohio. 

Democratic Sen. Mike Skindell of Lakewood wants Ohio to switch to a single payer, universal health-care system. He says this makes health care more reliable and affordable.

Skindell, who’s part of a super minority in the Senate, understands the odds against a bill like this but says he’ll keep pursuing it because, as he puts it, the current health care system in the U.S. is going to self-destruct.

“The failure in our system unlike in other industrialized systems throughout the world is that we have this huge built-in private system that has extraordinarily high administrative costs,” Skindell says.

But opponents say a single-payer system will expand government, cost too much and implode the coverage people already have.