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Ohio Democrats Respond to Gov. Kasich's Proposed Tax Changes

photo of Rep. Alicia Reece
Rep. Alicia Reece says that Gov. Kasich's proposed income tax break is a repeat of trickle-down economics.

Some Democrats in the Ohio Legislature say they plan to fight the tax changes outlined in Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget.

Democrats say the income tax-break, coupled with a sales-tax increase, will not help lower- and middle- income Ohioans. Rep. Alicia Reece says Kasich’s plan focuses on the trickle-down economics of the last 30 years that haven’t worked for Ohioans.

“We can’t afford to prioritize the tax give-aways for the ultra rich and expect a different result. We’ve done this. We’ve done this for decades and we know where we are now – on the verge of a recession.”

Reece and other Democrats say they don’t want to raise taxes but they do want to make sure any tax breaks that are given in the final version of the budget do not hurt middle- and low-income Ohioans.