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Despite Low Numbers, Ohio Senate Democrats Hope for Progress in 2017 Sessions

photo of Sen. Joe Schiavoni and Sen. Charleta Tavares
Sen. Joe Schiavoni (left) minority caucus leader, and Sen. Charleta Tavares (right) are among nine Ohio Senate Democrats for the 2017 sessions.

A group of lawmakers say they want to tap into the energy behind the recent demonstrations and marches against the new federal agenda.

Democrats in the Ohio Senate say they want to be the voice of the women and progressives who have been demonstrating against President Donald Trump.

Senate Dems are pledging to push for legislation that protects health care and supports education.

Gov. John Kasich is warning lawmakers this year’s budget will be tight. But Minority Caucus Leader Joe Schiavoni of Boardman says Kasich has brought this problem on himself because of aggressive tax cuts.

“You have to invest first and if there’s money left over and you want to do a tax cut, do a tax cut. But don’t shift everything around,” he said.

The Senate Dems go into the budget with even smaller numbers than last time. They have nine votes in the 33-person chamber.