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Ohio Political Scientist Says Pushing the Republican Agenda Now Could Help Democrats Later

photo of Jane Timken
Jane Timken replaced Matt Borges as head of the Ohio Republican Party last week.

The Ohio Republican Party’s recent change in leadership is being hailed as a victory by Tea Party Republicans who support President-elect Donald Trump. But at least one political scientist thinks it could be good for Democrats in Ohio.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio says newly elected Ohio Republican Party Chair Jane Timken can now take on issues that weren't pushed hard under former Chair Matt Borges. Among those: making Ohio a right-to-work state and cutting the budget and regulations. 

But University of Cincinnati political science professor David Niven says addressing those issues poses risks of its own.

“If Trump is unpopular in 2018, you really do open the door for Democrats to undo what really is a historic level of victories for Republicans. I mean they are talking about majorities that we haven’t seen in this state in 60 or 70 years,” Niven said.

Republicans now control every elected statewide office, both chambers of the Legislature, and all but one seat on the Supreme Court.