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Cleveland Mayor Calls on FTA to Consider Terror Threats in Public Square Bus Restriction

Mayor Jackson says the FTA is fining RTA without considering all the safety isssue leading to Public Square's bus restriction

Cleveland Mayor Frank  Jackson calls the Federal Transit Administration’s $12 million fine against RTA over the closure of Public Square to buses premature.  

RTA sided with the city on the closure because they both agree it increases the chance of a terrorist truck attack like recent ones in Europe. The Federal Transit Administration leveled the fine, saying the restriction violates its funding agreement with RTA to help construct the Euclid Corridor Health-line. Mayor Jackson says the federal agency is obligated to consider the safety concerns before sanctioning RTA.

“And in the light of what’s been happening around the world and even in the United States and even in the state of Ohio, we believe that is very relevant to the decision making of the city and to RTA.”

Jackson says the city and RTA are also studying the impact the square closing has on bus operations and finances, and they will present that to the FTA as well.