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Libertarian Party Takes its Fight to Regain its Ohio Political Party Standing to the Courts

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The Libertarian Party
The Libertarian Party tried and failed several times to get their 2016 presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, on the Ohio voting ballot.

A group of Libertarians is taking the state to court to get its party’s name back before Ohio voters. It's now challenging a law that made it tougher to get that label on the ballot.

The committee that nominated Gary Johnson as the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee filed suit in the Ohio Supreme Court. It says because Johnson received more than 3 percent of the vote, Libertarians qualify as a political party in Ohio. 

Committee member Scott Pettigrew says the party label is like a brand.

“It’s much like Pepsi, Coca-Cola. You know what you’re getting when you vote for a Libertarian candidate. You know instantly what they stand for,” he said.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio had unsuccessfully challenged the Republican-backed state law before. The law makes it tougher for minor political parties to get on the ballot.