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Kasich Signs "Petland Bill" and Concealed Carry Ban, Passes on Green Energy -- For Now

Kasich signs water-testing bill
Kasich had a public formal signing of a water bill last summer, but made quicker work of lame-duck bills today

Gov. John Kasich spoke to Ohio’s electoral college members, and then signed his name to a stack of bills passed by state lawmakers in the last two weeks.

Among the 17 bills Kasich signed is the so-called “Petland Bill," which overrides local laws restricting where pet stores can get the animals they sell. The bill also includes a provision banning local communities from raising the minimum wage.

Kasich also signed the bill lifting the ban on concealed weapons in day care centers, college campuses and other places. Those entities will now be able to decide if they want to allow conceal carry permit holders to bring in their guns.

But there’s no word yet on two other major bills. Kasich has taken no action on the measure extending the freeze on the state’s renewable energy requirements for electric utilities till 2020. And he also didn’t sign the bill that would require state lawmakers to review cabinet-level agencies periodically or they could disappear.