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A Proposed Ban on Lame-Duck Legislation in Ohio Fails

photo of the House chamber
A handful of states have lame duck sessions, including Ohio.

Dozens of the more than 1,000 bills proposed in the House and Senate this year passed in the lame duck session in the last two weeks. Among the bills that didn't make it, was one that aspired to put an end to the lame-duck session itself.

Republican Rep. Terry Boose of Norwalk proposed a ban on the marathons of legislative activity every two years -- the lame-duck sessions after an election in which all 99 House members have either just been re-elected or defeated or weren’t on the ballot. Boose spoke jokingly on the House floor about his anti-lame-duck bill while talking about a dream he had about another measure.

“At the end of my dream, well then we inserted the ‘eliminate the lame-duck’  language but I do realize that’s only a dream.”

Only seven states allow lame-duck sessions. Boose’s bill had been introduced in May and got just one courtesy hearing. He won’t be back to reintroduce it.