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Hillary Clinton Will Be the Subject of a New Course Offered by Kent State University

photo of Hillary Clinton

Kent State University is offering a new course this spring. The subject is Hillary Clinton.

The class is called Hillary Clinton Case Study: Perspectives on Gender and Power. It will be taught by Kent State’s director of women’s studies, Suzanne Holt.

“This is an inquiry. It’s really not about starting with answers.  It’s a kind of inductive quest into a dramatic experience, and an unsettling one.”

But why Clinton, and why talk about her now? According to Holt, Clinton’s concession speech on Wednesday raised important questions about the future.

“What does this mean for young women? What does this mean for little girls who watch this? I would imagine [Clinton] knows better than any of us.”

Holt says in some ways, the fact that Clinton lost presents a greater opportunity to examine the national psyche, and the dynamics of American democracy.