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One of Ohio's few Democratic Congressmen Sees Opportunity and Loss in Trump's Win

Congressman Tim Ryan

At least one of Northeast Ohio’s Democratic representatives sees a glimmer of hope for working with Republican President-elect Donald Trump. But Congressman Tim Ryan also anticipates losing many Democratic achievements from the last eight years.

Ryan easily won his re-election bid Tuesday. And he says many of the voters who supported him also cast ballots for Trump, indicating there are overlapping issues that could provide opportunities for collaboration. But before that, Ryan expects many of President Obama’s accomplishments to be quickly dismantled.

“They’re going to repeal the health care bill, I think they’re going to. I’m sure get rid of executive orders that he passed and initiated, whether it was on the environment or criminal justice reform or any of those things were all executive orders that could be very easily overturned by the new president, and I think Trump will do that, probably immediately. We’re going to get the government that we got.”  

Ryan says Trump won, mainly, by doing a better job than Hillary Clinton of tapping into voters' economic anxiety involving trade and working-class equality and opportunity.