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Ohio Secretary of State Says Election-Day Voting Went Smoother Than in Years' Past

photo of John Husted

Voting was much smoother in Election 2016 than in previous years. There were no court challenges to keep the polls open and no major technical or security issues reported.

But Secretary of State Jon Husted said he was watching turnout carefully.

“You also have the issue with two candidates at the top of the ticket that weren’t very popular among most Ohioans, so I was concerned. But in the end, early voting ended up setting a record and then turnout was pretty robust.”

About 5.3 million of Ohio's nearly 8 million registered voters cast ballots, the lowest voter turnout in Ohio since 2004. Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote here by about 450,000 votes. She has a slim lead in the popular vote nationally, but lost the Electoral College count by more than 50.