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Early Ohio Voters Describe This As The Most Important Election of Their Lifetimes

Stark County Board of Elections

Thousands of people lined up outside county boards of elections today, waiting to cast ballots in what some described as the most important election of their lifetimes.

The line wrapped around the Stark County Board of Elections even before the city’s largely African-American churches began their formal Souls to the Polls efforts.

Mark Bigsbee says, while the election of Barack Obama was inspirational for him, the election of Hillary Clinton is more crucial for national security.

“I know Donald Trump talks about the borders. But I’m more concerned aobut the other countries of the world and if we get into a confrontation with them. 

Sharla Collier, who recently lost a young granddaughter to a heart condition, says she was conflicted about her vote, but ultimately went with Donald Trump primarily because of one issue: Abortion.

“I know that women say it’s their body and I understand that part because it is, but it just troubles me that someone would take the life of a little one.” 

Collier said she'll be praying for the country regardless of who wins because the divisions this election has revealed.

Chante Weir, who works a swing shift on Tuesday and wanted ensure nothing interfered with her vote being counted. She says in a way, her vote was out of respect for the high caliber of previous campaigns, not this one.

Weir on the tone of the campaign

“This election, it just seems it was made a mockery of. Just the campaign, the procedure, the process of it. You’re just alienating one group just to get votes for this side.”

Early voting continues from 8-2 tomorrow at county boards of elections. Polls are open Tuesday  from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

M.L. Schultze is a freelance journalist. She spent 25 years at The Repository in Canton where she was managing editor for nearly a decade, then served as WKSU's news director and digital editor until her retirement.