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In Ohio, Women Are Evenly Split Over Trump and Clinton -- and That Makes All the Difference

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The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Donald Trump continues to do better in Ohio than in three other swing states and a big reason is women. 

The poll measures likely voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina. In Ohio, it shows Trump up by 5 points over Hillary Clinton in a four-way race with the Libertarian and Green party candidates, and three points if the matchup is just the two of them.

The short read on Ohio: Women are split 45-45; men favor Trump 51-42

Unlike the other three states, women here are evenly split over Trump and Clinton. So his big lead among men – college educated or not – puts him on top.

The Ohio poll also shows about the same percentage of likely voters – a little over a third – have favorable opinions of Clinton and Trump. Clinton’s unfavorable are slightly higher than Trump’s. But It also shows early voters leaning heavily Clinton’s way.

Among the other three swing states, Clinton has the most comfortable lead in Pennsylvania, with a narrower edge in North Carolina and the race is virtually tied in Florida.

Click here for a breakdown on the Ohio numbers.  

M.L. Schultze is a freelance journalist. She spent 25 years at The Repository in Canton where she was managing editor for nearly a decade, then served as WKSU's news director and digital editor until her retirement.