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Trump Redirects Ad Spending In Ohio To Major Media Markets

Donald Trump speaking at one of his rallys

Ohio remains one of four states where Donald Trump is doing heavy TV advertising, though he’s adjusted where those ads run. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze talked with a political consultant about the strategy in the final weeks of the campaign.

Polls show Ohio, where Trump had been leading a few weeks ago, is back in play, which means both presidential candidates are trying to figure out how to convince a few remaining minds. Last week, Trump pulled out his advertising from Ohio’s smaller media markets, such as Youngstown, focusing instead on the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati markets.


Robert Clegg, president of the MCM political consulting firm, say that’s a sign that Trump is drilling down, not giving up.

“The rural areas were so strongly for him anyways that, why waste the money when your support was solid anyways? His problem in Ohio, and in states like Florida and North Carolina were the suburban areas around the urbans.” 

That includes areas like Medina, Lake and Geauga counties in the Northeast, Fairfield, Licking and Delaware in central and Butler, Warren and Clermont in the southwest. Clegg says Trump may also have decided – based on his primary campaign success and the fact that voters already know so much about both candidates – that  TV ads aren’t worth the cost.