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HUD Secretary Castro, Rita Moreno Stump for Clinton in Cleveland

Julian Castro

HUD Secretary Julian Castro was part of the get-out-the-vote effort among Hispanic voters on Cleveland’s west side this weekend. 

The Convencion Hispana draws thousands of northern Ohio Latinos every three years to talk about health, education, entrepreneurship, and, especially this year, immigration and politics. Julian Castro, who was among those considered for Hillary Clinton’s running mate, says Ohio remains important to Clinton’s White House hopes – and Latinos are important to Ohio.

“It’s an aspiring community, it’s a community that is pursuing the American dream, that is important to the Ohio economy and the nation’s economy, and I’m here just to encourage people to get out and vote, to be full participants in American democracy. That’s no more important than here in Ohio.” :18

"Tomorrow is the last day in Ohio to register to vote on Nov. 8th.  Early voting starts Wednesday. Both Clinton and Donald Trump continue to stump the state, with Clinton at Ohio State later today and Trump due in Cincinnati later this week.

Moreno calls Trump's ideas "bizarre"

Rita Moreno, the 84-year-old actress, singer, dancer and activist,  headlined the convention. Before she took the stage, she spoke to reporters about the galvanizing effect of Donald Trump’s candidacy. 

Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno, a native of Puerto Rico, says Trump has angered and galvanized Hispanic voters

HUD Secretary Castro, Rita Moreno Stump for Clinton in Cleveland
Moreno on Trump

“I have never seen such emotion and such rage in the Hispanic community because of Mr. Trump’s opinions and his bizarre notions of what makes a good American.”

Moreno questioned Trump’s mental health. But she said she’s supporting Clinton, not just voting against Trump, because of Clinton’s longtime commitment to children and minorities.

HUD Secretary Castro, Rita Moreno Stump for Clinton in Cleveland
Moreno on Clinton

“This isn’t new with her. It’s not like she suddenly decided that black people are nice or that Hispanics are nice people and should be here. She’s been doing this forever.

Voter registration in Ohio ends at 9 tomorrow (Tuesday) night and early voting begins Wednesday.