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Whiter and Older: Political Analysts Say Ohio May Be Losing Its Bellwether Glow

photo of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Ohio is used to getting a lot of attention when it comes to electing presidents. But some now question its status as a bellwether state for the future.  

Ohio usually predicts the winner in presidential elections. But University of Cincinnati political science Professor David Niven thinks that might not be the case this year.

“In this particular election, we may have slipped from our perch.”

Democrat Hillary Clinton has not made a campaign stop in Ohio since Labor Day, though she's coming Monday and her campaign has invested hugely in advertising.

Some pundits say she can without Ohio but Republican Donald Trump needs the Buckeye State. A New York Times story says Ohio's demographics are changing – that it’s whiter, older and less educated that the rest of the nation.

But election stats expert Mike Dawson thinks Trump is doing better in Ohio than some other red states because of his stands on trade and immigration.

Still, all eyes will still be on Ohio in November when the votes are counted to see if as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.