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Former GOP Trump Foe is Now Chair of His Campaign in Mahoning County

photo of Tracey Winbush

An official with the Ohio Republican Party has been named the volunteer chair of the Donald Trump for President Campaign in Mahoning County after the former chair stepped down due to controversial racial comments. 

But, the newly named volunteer chair didn’t support Trump until recently.


Tracey Winbush made no bones about her feelings for Trump at the Ohio Republican Party’s statewide meeting in April.

“No, I don’t like Trump.”

Winbush, like many of Ohio’s political leaders, was unapologetic in her support for Gov. John Kasich who, at that point, was still in the race.

But there are questions about how Winbush can be a leader in a campaign she’s spoken out against. She also said this at that spring meeting.

“I don’t like Hillary more and at the end of the day, I would rather have Trump than Hillary.”

Winbush, an African American talk radio show host from Youngstown, is coming under fire for erasing some 17,000 tweets.

In one of them she called Trump a racist, sexist demagogue. In another, she called his budget plan ridiculous.